Foredrag: Ig Nobel Prize: first laugh, then think.

Livestreaming af ENGELSK foredrag fra Aarhus Universitet i Volsted forsamlingshus.

Forelæsere: The founder of the Ig Nobel Prize, Marc Abrahams, and three price winners.

The Ig Nobel Prize is awarded for “peculiar research” that at first make us laugh and then think deeply. Attend this lecture for a humor-filled dive into the prize-winning research that are creative, unlikely and bizarre, though still serious. Meet the founder of the prize, Marc Abrahams, and three Ig Nobel Prize winners who will explain their prize-winning achievements.

Ingen tilmelding – bare mød op. Der bydes på kaffe/the i pausen og der kan købes øl/vand

Arrangør: Janni Søgaard sms 4064 9512 /

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